Intercultural Womens Music Festival whats that?

The first Womens Music Festival in the Hunsrck in 1994 appeals so great that a new formed group of women takes over this idea and builds up on the experiences and structures of the first festival. This group still organises the festival today having had smaller and bigger changes of persons. 

The Intercultural Womens Music Festival is a celebration - a celebration created exclusively by and for women. Everyone who has ever been here knows the reasons why: it is the special atmosphere of freedom and openness that is so difficult to describe. 

The musicians and artists are welcome to find an open space which is hard to find elsewhere. Here, up-and-coming musicians stand on stage next to the well-established acts. For us as the organisers it is of great importance, that the artists on stage share their personal desires, their view of the world, their herstories and their culture, as well as their poverty and wealth not least through their own lyrics. With this concept we would like to contribute that women from different cultures and identities can meet and get to know each other. You will find beginners next to well-established artists on our stage. 

The festival does of course not live on music alone!

And how do the women in the audience find their way here? In order to reach women from neighbouring countries too, the programme is translated into as many languages as possible. Many friends of the festival do their bit to spread the word as widely as possible. Regional links are also particularly important, as this is where the festival is at home. And in today's computer age these tasks have become a little bit easier. The first web page is created.

All these many women who feel drawn to the festival actually have to be given the chance to access the festival grounds and find their way around. The organisers and countless volunteers lay out plastic tiles to make at least the most important connecting paths wheelchair-accessible. Info points and information boards are there to answer questions, interpreters to translate the most important things.

There is an ever-growing amount of infrastructural work, as more and more little details are making the stay easier and more comfortable. The first visitors in wheelchairs arrive; the first woman from Slovenia; the first deaf woman is able to follow the lyrics of a band that is accompanied by a sign-language interpreter. These achievements make the organisers forget that they are sometimes overstretched, that embarrassing mishaps occur and that outsiders try to put obstacles in their way. These achievements are encouraging. Dozens, by now even hundreds of volunteers and friends, who give their unfailing moral, practical and financial support to the festival, are also delighted about what has been achieved.

The setting for all this must of course be a space where all these diverse women can feel comfortable. A creative, cheerful, communicative and relaxed atmosphere is what the organisers want to promote. The choice of festival grounds already contributes to this atmosphere: a breathtakingly beautiful meadow alongside a stream and surrounded by forest. And there is a crafts fair offering an amazing and diverse array of products from music CDs to hand-made leather goods, from books to pottery tempting women to look browse the stalls again and again. 

The organisers know that the way to a womans heart is through her stomach. What would you like eat? Something from our diverse range of delicious vegetarian options at a sensible price? A small snack in between meals? Or would you prefer to cook for yourself and get some inspiration from the organic market stall? Even a pizza restaurant is close by, for the meat-hungry ones amongst you. The info board at the ticket tent tells you the way. 

The question whether the festival would be able to pay for itself hadnt been answered for many year. Without the support of many generous women we would have been stuck years ago - we were often close to despair.

In order to be able to improve our structure, we have established an association. It is called "Interkulturelles Frauenmusikfestival im Hunsrck e.V." and enables women to support us as a passive member. 

Our main aim is to encounter between cultures, religions and different world views, between social classes, country and city, between women with differing abilities and life realities. We can see the many little encounters that have already taken place and that have changed individual womens lives. We know that we are on the right track. And after all, we are changing, too. 

We look forward to the next festival!