Who are the "UHU"?

Who are the "UHU"? In German "UHU" means owl wise birds. In the Hunsrck there is a new kind of birds which will hopefully soon exist all over Germany. The letters stand for supporters of humorous care.

A group of women in the Hunsrck, in the past still without a name, had the desire, instead of thinking about discrimination and ignorance of women with disabilities, to do something practical. So they started to develop paths for wheelchairs and other easements at the womens music festival in 1996.

Three years later, 1999, the name found its name: "UHU". The name stands for the wish to care in a humorous and relaxed behavior, friendly and aware!

The women of UHU take it serious to make the wilderness of the Hunsrck accessible for all women during the festival. We are very open for ideas from visitors.

Please, join our group of UHU, supporters of humorous care.

By the way: in the presence the organisers of the festival take care of the accessible paths at the festival.

What do the women of UHU do?
The UHU women are present before and during the festival. The UHU women organise everything around the meeting and resting area and give support for all kind of easements.

Where are the women of UHU?
You find us at the meeting and resting area for women with disabilities:
On the arrival day at 4 PM, any other day from 10 AM 10 PM.

What is the service of UHU?
Please view practical information under "women with disabilities".

Come and enjoy the womens music festival in the Hunsrck!