The next Festival takes place from
24. - 26. July 2015.


The festival is a celebration for women and girls. Young boys are invited.

It is impossible for visitors to arrive at the festival before Friday or to camp longer on the meadow afterwards. Please plan that you don't come before Friday and that you only stay till Sunday. Women with a long journey can stay till Monday as an exception. Please note that in this case the food & beverage stalls will only be open on Sunday till 6 / 7pm so you will have to take care of your own catering for Sunday evening and Monday morning. If you would like to stay longer at the Hunsrück, we recommend for example the following campsites: or 56862 Plünderich, Campsite "Marienburg", Phone 06451 – 2677 or Campsite "Moselland", Phone 06542 – 2618.

There is no vehicle access to the camp grounds and cars cannot be parked next to tents (exception: disabled women). Be prepared to carry your luggage for about 500 metres. We will provide wheel-barrows, but at peak arrival times there won't be enough for everyone.

There are several food stores with vegetarian food in a rich and tasteful variety. Women who cook their food have the possibility to buy organic food at the site. Water and other drinks can be bought in bottles, too.

We will set up a wash tent, where you can wash (cold water).

Pets are not permitted anywhere on the festival grounds, including the camp site and the parking meadow. Please make other arrangements for your pets. Guide dogs are of course exempt from this rule.

We ask all visitors to be quiet after 2 am. This request is adressed especially to women who drum at night, since it can be heard in the villages Sohrschied and Dill nearby. The permission for the festival was given only after we had guaranteed for quiet night times.

If you are looking for a lift to the festival, please check out the transport forum on this web page.

Details of alternative accommodation can be found at:

We rent a house near the festival site. Women who don't want to camp can stay there for 15 € per night in 1 of 2 rooms with 13 beds each. Please bring with you: a sleeping bag, a sheet and a pillow.
Please register if you want to use this. The email can be found on the page "Contact"