The next Festival takes place from
24. - 26. July 2015.

General information

We can only realise this festival with your help.

There are many different tasks: helping at the parking lot, clean the sanitary houses, selling beverages, arrange the area in the performance tent, set up, take down and much more.

Volunteers get free entry to the festival and get food provision in the volunteer tent.

For the help at the festival we devide in three terms:

  • Time at the set up (Saturday to Thursday)
  • Time at the festival (Friday to Sunday)
  • Time at the take down (Monday to Thursday)

For the volunteers it’s possible to be part at one of these terms or to combine them.

The set up starts on Saturday before the festival (arrival Saturday afternoon).

During the term every morning is a meeting to discuss what needs to be done (set up tents, place plastic boards and water supply, set up benches, decorate and so on).

From experience we know that it’s an advantage when all volunteers take part at the set up from Saturday onwards. It’s great fun to get to know each other slowly and experience the growth of the festival on the meadow. This creates a special bondage.

In the past, we often had difficulties during the transition of set up and start of the festival for the feeling of the volunteers because on Thursday evening new women arrive as volunteers for the festival itself, like technicians, electricians, the first music artists, women to provide food stores and so on. From now on we have decided to value this time consciously:

On Thursday, 2 pm we will have coffee, tea and cake to celebrate the final of the set up (where also will be discussed final work issues if necessary). Until Thursday evening set up has to be finished, so that the volunteers and organisers can rest on Friday morning and get used to the newcomers.

During the whole set up term the volunteers cook and eat together, food is free.

The term of the festival volunteering starts on Friday, 4 PM with a common meeting and ends on Sunday, 8 PM. On Saturday and on Sunday a meeting will be held to discuss news and work tasks. To cover all work and not to have too many volunteers around, we have decided to let a volunteer work 12 hours on the week-end in total. To organise a shift schedule, we orientate ourselves along the questionnaire, where we ask you about your wishes and antipathies In the future we try to set up teams, for example for selling beverages, helping at the parking lot, the organisers’s tent or the festival site, so that all women get used to the work and have an exchange. Descripitions of the work you find here information text. To organise the schedule is always a challenge. We try to respect all necessities, but we can not give a 100% guarantee. Of course, shifts can be swapped and also very important are so called “jokers” who are flexible.

During the festival (Friday to Sunday) there is a volunteer tent which is a meeting point for all volunteers who work during the festival and where there is yummy food offered, including non-alcoholic beverages. For this, we ask you to donate 20 - 30 € (depending on your income) once.

The take down starts on Monday morning with a common breakfast and meeting in the volunteers tent. Now, everything will be taken down, the group on the meadow will be small. For the take down it’s very helpful when we have women who also took part at the set up. Here again, it’s useful when all women stay until the Wednesday evening. When you apply as a volunteer, we prefer women who stay the whole time. Thursday is departure day.

Cooking and eating will happen together, the food and beverages are free.

Combination of the three terms: women who help at the set up and take down, can not use the volunteer tent during the festival because we can not provid food or space for such a big number of people.

Women who help during set up and take down and help during the festival (they are asked to work 6 hours) get food for free (they work very hard!.

Application: is possible from now on. For our plans it’s great, when you apply as early as possible.

An application is complete when you fill out the questionnaire and send it to us. The questionnaire is a PDF-file and can be sent via Internet or by post.

By post questionnaire by post

Or directly via internet with email address via internet

The contact email address for volunteers you find here contact. It’s very important for our plans to inform us immediatly, when there’s is a change in your plans to help us.

And now? We are looking forward to you and all the other volunteers who we have met before and wish everybody a successful team work. For any more questions, please get in touch (email / fax / letter). Many warm greetings from the Hunsrück!