The next Festival takes place from
24. - 26. July 2015.

The Crafts Fair

Dear interested client, 

the venue of the Intercultural Women´s Music Festival is a meadow in the valley near Sohrschied. That is to say the nights are likely to become cold and damp. A precise location plan you find on the web, on our flyers or on the ticket which you purchase in advance. 

On the meadow in front of the main marquee we have planned to give space for 30 market stalls for women who present their own manufactured products. As well in the clearance you find stalls for food, for the nurse, for girls and the like.

 From our experience, at the week-end of the venue about 600 – 1000 women will amble on the premises. 

  • Opening times of the stalls are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Set up of the stalls is possible Friday after noon.
  • It is possible to rent a folding table and 2 benches for 5 Euros, but you are welcome to set up your own stall (including the rain gear).
  • For the set up and take down of your stall you are welcome to drive with your car on the premises. You will receive a written permit (will be sent with the ticket) which has to be attached at the window screen of your car. We need your full plate number for this permit!
  • Parking is on the common parking lot.
  • If you need to keep your car next to the stall, we will take 20 Euros because we want to have as less cars at the venue as possible.
  • Electricity is installed for lights and small equipment (including 500 Watt). Please, remind yourselves that a defect or damaged gear can cause a medium catastrophe!
  • We can’t offer as much cable for everybody, so please, bring your own cable roller (minimum 10m / 3 x 1.5mm).
  • The stall fee for the whole week-end consists of a ticket for the venue bought online in advance (50 Euros for one crew member, more crew members pay full price) and a stall fee of 25 Euros per meter.
  • Crew members who work for the festival in addition, pay only 15 Euros per meter for the craft stall. The same rule is valid for association members.
  • Due to changes of the German tax office, we request all women to buy their tickets in advance!
  • For the stall fee you will receive a bill. Please, transfer the money with the bill’s number.
  • Only the received money of the stall fee and the ticket on our bank account are a binding booking. Transfer starts on April 1st until the end of June. Please, write “crafts fee” – that makes it easier for our booking office (all volunteers J
  • Bank account: Volksbank Hunsrück eG, Germany, sort code 56061472, bank account number 7005980 (IBAN DE40 5606 1472 0007 0059 80).
  • Due to limited space: Send us your request and we will send back to you a proper questionnaire in English. We collect your application and then get back in touch with you. Sometimes we have to make a choice of stables as we don't have as much space on the meadow
  • For questions I can be contacted by email or by post
    (you find both on the website with the contact).