El próximo festival tiene lugar del
24. al 26. de Julio 2015.

Boletina actual

Newsletter 2013, No. 3 - closing of the year

Dear women, dear volunteers of this festival and interested persons.

During the dark time of the year there is time of retreat and of exchanging
memories. We thank you for an other wonderful festival.
We look back at moving music and musicians, who enjoyed staying with all of
us. At the beautiful atmosphere, realised by volunteers and visitors. At the
crafts market and working in teams at the stalls as well as in the tents. At
nice comments on our website and on facebook. And we remember the good
weather as well as the peaceful time on the meadow.

There is also a German broadcast about the festival

Hint: download the short movie and then open it by a media viewer.

Please, make a note of the next festival in your calendar:
24.-26. July 2015.

Your research, help and information about female artists and bands are
welcome. Please, write directly to: bands(at)frauenmusikfestival.de

With kind regards
Claudia, Sonja, Simone, Heike
Jule, Ela, Bahara
Waltraud, Syrie, Monica