El próximo festival tiene lugar del
24. al 26. de Julio 2015.

Información sobre el trabajo

The schedule of every unit will be discussed at the first crew meeting on Friday at 4 p.m.

Support for women with disabilities
You support the visitors with disabilities at the support tent. You work together with the „UHU-group“ who organises their schedules within the team itself. You are not involved in the general crew schedule.

Ticket office
Please come at least 20 min before your shift starts to the ticket office. There is a detailed description that you have to read.

The last shift (Sunday 14-15h) please tidy up.

Crew member care
Make coffee & tea, get more drinks (non-alcoholic), tidy up, help in the kitchen... The focus is on making the tent nice and friendly.

Car Park
At the first contact and later it is relevant to stay friendly to the visitors!

Tip: one woman stands on the street and clarifies if the women want to go to the car park, the second woman assists them within the car park. During rush hours there should be two women assisting everyone who need help(one at the front, one at the back).
Women with handicaps, storekeepers and musicians are allowed to drive on the festival site. Musicians and storekeepers should have a green entry permit.

Entrance / meadow
Task: to let only certain vehicles in.
People who are allowed to drive in:

  • women with the green entry permit
  • storekeepers
  • handicapped women
  • musicians
  • shuttle buses
  • farmers
  • residents

Please stay friendly, especially to the local farmers and residents, who are of course allowed to drive on their meadow.

Women, who are allowed to drive through, but don't have a green card yet, please, let pass, but ask them to get the card at the ticket office.

The caravans have an extra car park on the big park meadow. If the drivers are not in the group of special vehicles, they are NOT allowed to drive on the festival site.

Dishes table
Every hour the water for the dishes for visitors has to be changed. It's a job for 10 mnutes and you are asked to look after the table for a few hours.

You are not asked to do the dishes for the visitors.

Back-ups / Stand-ins
Task: to do unplanned tasks of all kinds.

  • In case one back-up can't do the job (eg. Driving without license), please give the job to another one.
  • Distinctive mark: each back-up (3 women per shift) gets a pink scarf which is to be worn at a visible place.
  • Whereabouts: in or in front of the crew tent or in the marquee next to the stage (passage to the crew tent).
  • Each time you start work and after you've been away for some time please check the crew book for possible jobs. When the job is done, please tick it.
  • Additional tasks: to help the cooks with the cutting

Tidy up the site
Tables, paths and meadow (in front of the big tent):

  • to clear the area of rubbish, also of stubs
  • to empty ashtrays
  • to wipe down the tables
  • to clear up the fireplace


  • change full rubbish bags and put them in the trailer behind the marquee (label: "antic.." or at the marked field behind the marquee.

      tip: take a box or something to pick up broken glass.

 Cleaning the toilets

  • clean all the toilets
  • refill the toilet paper
  • change full rubbish bag

Toilets are:

  • on the big campsite
  • next to the marquee
  • toilet trailer on the paths to the car park        
  • at the upper meadow for the caravans
  • economic handicapped toilet next to the resting tent

Tidying up the big tent

  • pick up rubbish
  • sweep the floor, also the stage
  • put the benches in an order that makes sense and keep the paths free
  • look what else there is to do

Selling drinks
Please go 15 min before your shift starts to the bar in the marquee. The crew members there will tell you what to do.

  • Take only cleaned glasses back
  • Cleaning sink for visitors is in front of the bar (only for glasses!!)
  • The cleaning water has to be changed when necessary; this can be every 30 mins!
  • Ask for change when collecting the money

During the opening hours one of the organizers (Claudia) will empty the cash box and refill the change regularly.

Last shift:

  • Refill the fridge
  • Tidy up/clean up
  • One of the organizers comes and gets the cashbox.

Opening hours:
Friday: 2 pm to 2 am
Saturday: 10 am to 2 am
Sunday: 10 am to 7 pm 

Tent security crew
The security crew in the festival tent includes 6 women who will meet up on Friday before the concerts start to meet and to organise their schedules. In total 8 concerts with 2 security crew members per concert are required.


  • before and between the concerts arrange seats as requested (as organisers have explained).
  • during the concerts: guard entrance and place for women with disabilities  Women who don't have a visible disability are not allowed to use the space (this has been an experience in cooperation with the volunteers who take care of visitors with disabilities)
  • Important for this job is a quiet, friendly and self confident attitude.