El próximo festival tiene lugar del
24. al 26. de Julio 2015.


Applications can only be accepted from May 25th on!
If you have already told us of your wishes/limitations, please state them here anyway,
so all the information is in one place and nothing can get lost.

I have been at the festival before:
as a visitor as a crew member
What day and approximate time are you arriving?
What day and approximate time are you leaving?
I would like to work during set-up of the festival from
I would like to work during takedown of the festival until
As a set-up/ takedown crew member I would also like to word part-time during the festival (see information text)
Do you know one or several foreign languages or sign language well?
If your mother tongue is not German: what is your mother tongue and what language/s can you communicate in?
What is your profession / job and what sort of further capabilities do you have which you could use at the festival (response is optional)?
I am travelling to the festival with my own car and I can take part in the shuttle service (petrol costs will be reimbursed). In the case of travelling by car, what type do you have? (number of seats? Is it a bus? ...):
Which concert do you absolutely not want to miss (only one, please!)
Is there anything that you absolutely need from us to be able to attend the festival (e.g. a special diet in the case of food allergies)?
What can you not do?
stand for a long time sit for a long time
carry heavy items work late at night (after 10pm)
clean toilets (allergic to chemical detergents)
Other things you can't do:
I like doing
I would do
I definitely won't do
welcoming and assisting on the car park
monitoring incoming cars to the meadow
selling Ticket and checking entrance bracelets
tidying up / cleaning
selling drinks
children's activities
looking after technicians
cooking for the crew
looking for the crew
In order to avoid misunderstandings: we plan with your limitations and requirements in mind, but we cannot guarantee that all your wishes will be fulfilled. That just isn't possible sometimes for organisational reasons. It will be much easier for us if you really only state the most important limitations.
Who would you like to work with?
Who do you not want to work with under any circumstances
(replies will remain confidential)?
Here is some space for your own suggestions, comments and messages: