du 24 au 26 juillet 2015

Music program of the 12th intercultural women's music festival 2013

Friday, 26th of July 2013

Sylvia Kirchherr
By her own way discovering life, something deeply in herself opened up. Now she wants to give courage in a world, which normally takes advantage of other things, to go on an alternative path for the soul… simply by … being.
It’s important to her to pass on joy, hope and happiness, to see people touched by the power and warmth which takes place by making music.With her guitar, accordion and singing this German artist opens up this festival.
Sylvia Kirchherr: http://www.viva-lavida.de/

Tiharea means richness, in case of the female trio from Madagascar, cultural richness. Talike, Zetike and Selake come from the south of the island, where the paths of Africans, Indians, people from Indonesia, Arabs and Europeans crossed in the past. The singers with their charming voices tell in energetic songs, accompanied by percussion, about traditions and stories from the perspective of women.
Tiharea: http://tiharea.blogspot.com/2010/09/tiharea-version-german.html

The music from the band from Krakow is a musical mixture of Rock’n Roll, Punk and slowenian melancholy. Their new project „Transeastern Underground” is based on the Russian literate and song writer Janka Diagilewa and symbolises the independence of the cultures in the Russian spoken areas. In Polish and Russian the vital women’s band plays themselves in the hearts of their listeners.
Translola: http://www.translola.pl/?lang=en

Saturday, 27th of July 2013

A young rapping artist with Turkish background, has grown up between two cultures in Germany and discovered very early that music is a bridge between orient and occident. She engages herself with irony for respect of the cultures. She gets her lyric motivation from being a minority. Also, Ebow sings about luxury, high society and the night life in a city. From Munich Ebow brings a djane as well as two background-singers to the festival.
Ebow: http://www.myspace.com/ebowmunich

With polyphone singing from the Balkane, full of poetry and sensibility, the singers Jeliazkova, Milena Roudeva, Martine Sarazin and Marie Scaglia from Bulgaria and France play magic with the audience. Their lyrics tell from traditions and stories of the Balkane.  They sing to forget, to dream, to hope and to fear. They sing to laugh and to cry, to thank and to wish.
Balkanes: http://www.balkanes.com/

Is an Austrian collective and network, instead of hierarchic, traditional, male instrumental ensembles. Crossing genre, without ethnical boundaries; changing, event made, new developing ensembles of female singers, rappers, instrumentalists, electronics and performance artists present their „project“ at the women’s music festival.
Femous: http://femousorchestra.blogspot.com/

Sunday, 28th of July 2013

la vache qui crie
The trio from Berlin with Ingrid Hammer (Ö), Ursula Häse (Ö) and Ursula Scribano (CH) are yodelling themselves and the audience with ecstasy through different continents. In contrary to the common opinion yodelling is not limited to the Alps and is more than a representation of cheesy music shows. The three singers accompany their global yodelling with spoons, chlefels, accordeon, bells, coin and basin, swinging hoses and broom percussion.
la vache qui crie: http://www.lavachequicrie.de/

Silvia Palumbo
The long life song writer and women’s rights fighter from Argentina writes songs about women in South America. Beyond she enriches her repertoire from other female song writers from the South American continent. With her voice, body, guitar, djembe and cuatro she fascinates her audience in Argentina. At the women’s music festival she will be accompanied by Hebe Carmona (percussion) and Laura Quintero (guitar).
Silvia Palumbo: http://www.silviapalumbo.com.ar/