du 24 au 26 juillet 2015

Prix des entrées

The advance ticket sale has started now and ends on July 18th 2013.
Tickets in advance
Tickets at the festival site
Festivalticket (Fr.-Su):
75 EUR to 110 EUR
95 EUR to 125 EUR
Day ticket Friday:
38 EUR to 53 EUR
45 EUR to 60 EUR
Day ticket Saturday:
38 EUR to 53 EUR
45 EUR to 60 EUR
Sunday free admission, donations welcome.

The ticket price includes VAT for German taxes and 40% of your ticket fee supports the infrastructure of the festival site (meadow rental, tents, paths, floors, toilets, water supply and so on).

The fee is classified differently depending on your living income (self responsible estimation).

The festival ticket includes 2 nights stay on the camping site. With a day ticket you can stay one night.

On Sunday the admission is free as we want to welcome more women to get acquainted to the festival and have a look around.

No admission for members of our association, girls under 15, small boys, assistants for women with handicaps. Please, announce your arrival at the entrance.

Young women between 15 and 20 years pay only half price.
Crafts market members get a festival ticket for 50 Euros.
The advance tickets are scanned at the entrance.

Crew members:
It’s possible to work for the festival as a volunteer (before or after or part time during the festival) and get a free ticket.