du 24 au 26 juillet 2015

Women with camping mobile

The festival is situated on a meadow in a  valley. During the past years there has been built a sewage plant at the end of the valley. For the festival it has the consequence that we can use less meadows around where cars can park. We still have enough space for tent users. We have had a lot of thoughts what to do with the camping mobile owners. We have also considered if it's desirable to mix tents and cars, but we didn't like the idea of the atmosphere. We have come to the conclusion that we would rent other meadows for camping mobiles. 

The camping mobiles can now choose between two meadows. One of them is about 800 meters away from the festival site. It can be reached via the road, up the hill. The upper meadow is dry, near the sky, quiet even and it's cosy, not near the road and has a lot of space. The women of the camping cars could spread and build a little village. Two chemical toilets will be situated there.
We offer a shuttle service for everybody who needs support to get to their caravans on the upper meadow: Friday and Saturday - every full hour - 11 pm midnight and 1 am.

The other meadow is about 100 m away, in opposite of the seminary house, next to normal parking space. There is not much space!!! There will also be situated a chemical toilet. 

The parking lot will be again down at the seminary house, so we can save to organise a shuttle. 

At the festival 2009 some women already have used the upper meadow with their camping mobiles. There have been different feed-backs. Some women were upset that there wasn't enough space downhill, others just liked the upper meadow and didn't think it's very far. 

It is still possible that women with a walking disability are allowed to use the tent meadow (please, sign in advance). It's important to us that you know about our considerations and then you can make your own decision how to camp and we hope that some of you still remember the nice atmosphere of the upper meadow.