Следующий фестиваль состоится 
с 24 - 26 июля 2015


In 2001 seven women from the Hunsrück founded the non-profit organisation "Intercultural Women's Music Festival". At the moment the festival is organised by a team of 10 women. Our aim is the promotion of women of all sexualities in the arts, irrespective of their social background, age, physical and mental capability, faith, nationality, and world view (as long as it doesn't support hierarchical thinking and/or violence).

Our objective is to initiate and promote intercultural exchange among women, especially in rural, structurally disadvantaged regions. This is done in cooperation with other women's and lesbian groups and intercultural alliances.

Women who want to support our work can do so by joining as a supporting member and paying a yearly membership fee of at least 40 euro.

In return, they will receive free entry to the festival. Through your membership, you help us with to finance the festival in advance and cope with follow-up costs.

Articles of association / Rules of the association (pdf - 14 KB)

Membership application (rtf - 644 KB)