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с 24 - 26 июля 2015

Information for women with disabilities

We are delighted that you are interested in attending the Women's Music Festival. We endeavour to create conditions that enable ALL interested women to come to the festival. The festival takes place on a long meadow with a stream. The performance tent is at the side of the meadow and has a wheelchair-friendly wooden floor. Directly next to the tent, there will be a car park for women who cannot sleep on the festival grounds and cannot walk or roll long distances to reach the tent. The main car park is a few minutes away on foot, and this path will probably be quite difficult to use with a wheelchair.

Foto von Barbara Engel

Next to the performance tent, there is the ticket tent, where the organisers can be contacted if you need help to you find your way around, set up your tent, carry your luggage etc. The organisers will be there on Friday from 4pm, Saturday from 11am to 10pm and on Sunday from 10am. Please let us know beforehand, if you arrive, leave or need assistance at any other time. You can also borrow folding wheelchairs at the ticket tent..

Foto von Barbara Engel

Next to the performance tent, the crafts fair, the kitchen tent and other food stalls are located, as well as beer tables, benches and hay bales. There will also be a tent intended as a quite space and meeting place for women with disabilities. It has a wooden floor, a bed, hay bales, electricity and other amenities. This space (6 by 6 metres) can also be used as an overnight sleeping place if the campsite is too far or difficult for you to reach. You need to sign up for this in advance.

The overnight campsite is directly adjacent, and includes the wash tent and chemical toilets. You can reach the front of the campsite from the other side by car and can also leave your car there. The whole area from the ticket tent to the front of the campsite will be made accessible with plastic tiles.

Washing facilities on the festival grounds are limited. There is only one wash tent with a washstand low enough for wheelchair-users and a very simple shower (cold water only).

Foto von Barbara Engel

There will also be a so-called "wheelchair-accessible chemical toilet", although experience has shown that it is really far too small. There is also a composting toilet with more room around it.

Personal assistants of course don't have to pay for their ticket.

We hope that this information has given you a realistic impression of the festival environment. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to tell us what else you may need in order to be able to come to the festival. And perhaps you simply have some ideas or inspiration for us?

By the way: The paths are not lit at night and Hunsrück nights can be quite cold, even in summer.

Women who can’t walk properly and want to drive on the festival site can save themselves and us time if they tell us before the festival and we send them an entrance permit.